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Três Falhos Tristes

Three Sad Flawed

Solo show

Gallery of the College of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.

The notion of temporality arises to speculate on continuity, fragmentation and fractality through sculptures, videos and drawings that extend and complement each other. In this constructed spectrum, the works explore the metaphor of hybrid forms that are set in motion, building a representative constellation of signs where doubt, poetry and disputes structure the exhibition horizon.


Such signs were formally elaborated by a disparate and aversive materiality, also precarious, almost not yet fully formed, thus delaying its final constitution as an object, as it tries to be incorporeal, like time, a fundamental theme of the exhibition. 


These sculptures are also characterized by the attempt to evoke certain forms of collective memory, such as the cloud, the smoke and the ghost. On these themes it is possible to draw a historical parallel on how such elements were seen by the moderns. Wisnik (2018) reflects on how the various steam paintings on trains were thought of as ideas of power and the possibilities that would come with the Industrial Revolution through a world that was launching itself into the future, very different from what they reflect today, especially in this exhibition, in which they are understood much more as feelings of ambiguity, emptying, evanescence, suspension and uncertainty.


Devices for a New Agenda (The Hunt), 2022

Resin and fiberglass; Digital video 04’05” | 4:3 | P&B | Stereo. 140x120x140 cm


Pretérito (Preterit), 2022
Resin and fiberglass. 120x60 cm

Porvir (Future), 2022

Resin and fiberglass. 120x60 cm


Presente (Present), 2022

Resin and fiberglass. 120x60 cm


Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter (Indicative Drawings), 2022

Charcoal and graphite. 15x10 cm each

In Media Res (Haunt), 1895

Risography. 35x35 cm 


Last Moments of Pure Recall, 2022

Plastic blanket and LED light. Variable dimensions


Isolation effect (Von Restorff), 2022

Display device, plastic balls and humidifier. Variable dimensions

Drifting Time Misplaced, 2022

Resin and fiberglass. 100x50x25 cm


I, who ignore so many things, know that I ignore one more, 2022

Digital video. 10’00” | 4K | 1:85:1 | Color| Stereo 


I, who ignore so many things, know that I ignore one more, 2022

Digital video. 10’00” | 4K | 1:85:1 | Color| Stereo 

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