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Não éramos nós os modernos?

Weren't we the moderns?

Video, 2021. 10'08" | 4K |16:9 | Colour | Stereo

From the speech that echoes through the film “Weren't we the moderns?”, either through evident melancholy or through the non-places present, the film revisits old personal conversations, assumptions and speculations in order to perceive the boundaries between past and present, or how modernity reverberates and affects today.


The protagonism comes from a bouquet of lilies, used as a romantic and fantasy element that incorporates a certain fascination of modern monumental architecture, and that also had to invent its own fables to sustain itself in the collective unconscious.


Finally, by formally referring to the operation of an old artist, who took things from one context and recreated others, the film also intends to “invent” with many quotes an idea of the contemporary world through new narrative, technological devices, and dichotomies between real and virtual.

Special thanks to

Catarina Mourão 

Pedro Ribeiro Gonçalves 

For Humberto 

Production Callaloo Estúdio | Robson Dalazen

Written and directed by Fernando Moletta

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Não éramos nós os modernos_-14.png

Entre Olhares
Mostra de Cinema Português. Barreiro, Portugal, 2021

Caminhos do Cinema Português
Coimbra, Portugal, 2021

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