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Fernando Moletta

O mito do capital humano

The myth of human capital

Video, 2020. 7'35" | 16:9 | Colour | Stereo

While we live in this time and space, two lovers live their last romantic pleas during their 24/7 routines. Distracted by euphoria and fervor, immersed in a consumer society where everything is ephemeral and disposable, they try to express unconformed and helpless observations about the failed attempt to understand the present and project the future through the past.


Ana Filipa Guardião

André Maximo



Odalisque Android

Fausto Fawcett


Sound track

Prelude in Ebm | Johann Sebastian Bach Performed by Michele Nobler

Rothera Point | Linus Johnson

O, O, O boy, O! - Sleep, Sleep, My Boy!

Lisbon Chamber Choir | Teresita Gutierrez Marques

Popular Portuguese Songs

Toward Mars | Jon Gelgeman


Special thanks to

Rafaela Bobek

Teresita Gutierrez Marques


Callaloo Studio

Robson Dalazen


Written and directed by

Fernando Moletta

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