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Interjeição a Elétrico e articulado

interjection of Electrical and articulated

Video, 2021. 4'35" | 2K | 21:9 | Colour | Stereo

Hosted by Homeostasis Lab

Acquisition award

Museu de Arte de Goiânia - Goiânia, Brasil

Film Festivals

Festival Internacional de Artes do Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Filmóptico - Internacional Art visual and Film Festival

The asymmetry of time, the discontinuity of certainty, the flows of lives and expectations that almost always go with the clock.  The film is an exercise in thinking about how our existence is constructed and instrumentalized, the paths to the crisis of the idea of ​​the future. 


There is no other meaning than to think about how that future is thought, expected, and how it reaches us. Better yet, what elements are part of this time frame? How did we get to him? Physical and manual or digital and electrical? Today the future is just the inaccessible present, always on the radar, at the heart of every need, but always inaccessible.

But what about when there is only one destination marked and several ways to reach it, time passes in the same way for those who use different means of getting there?

Either way, every path taken goes through a time metric that weighs our decisions. Today obliges us, always and constantly, to change this metric, to support it in the momentum of realization and growing edification that does not see a ceiling. It is always necessary to seek faster, to do more, to reach life infinitely restless and programmed to never stop; finally the “tiredness society”, as Byung-Chul Han would say, or to feel the current “supreme fatigue”, by Álvaro de Campos.

Reflecting on how we spend time, use it, double it in our favor or are subjected to it is in the essence of this video art. 

Text by Renan Archer


References to

Álvaro de Campos - O que há em mim é sobretudo cansaço

Julian Barbour - The Janus Point, A new theory of time

Sound track

Jameson Nathan Jones - Two

Big Band feat. Ben Sharkey - Lover please stay

Special thanks to all the friends who sent selfies

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